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     sport?       weight?      injury?      learning?
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step1- measure
your power
your speed
your flexibility
your control
your health
step 2- tweak
your body
your chemistry
your psychology
your lifestle
your health
step 3- enjoy
less pain
better performance
more power
faster times
greater happiness
Tennis, cycling, hockey, football, running or just shopping - we are all athletes at different levels at different times.

While we get by pretty well, there are times when our form drops, our performance suffers or we get injuries that seem to linger or never get better.

Tweaks offers new solutions. Through a unique combination of chiropractic, nutrition, dentistry, environmental medicine and physical assessment, the friendly and professional staff at Tweaks will find your weakest link and work with you to fix it.

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Simon King
Chiropractor and Kinesiologist
152 Oliver Street,
(Corner of Queen and Oliver Streets)
Grafton NSW 2460
Phone: (02) 66422900